Departure from the city: 8:30

Return: 17:30

The Meal is included


Departure from the city: 8:30 towards the biggest city of São Tomé – Trindade

Batepá – Where the slave massacre took place

Roça Monte café – Observation of the coffee production stages. This is one of the oldest Roças in the country and also the major coffee producer of São Tomé e Príncipe, located at 670 meters of altitude, with good lands to produce Arabic Coffee.

São Nicolau Waterfall – One of the most popular waterfalls.

Botanic Garden – Located in a stunning place, at the entry of the Ôbo National Park, in Roça do Bom Sucesso. This garden was created to preserve and species in danger of extinction, for scientific investigation, fortouristic and to educational purposes, teaching specially the younger people about biology and botanics. It has many different plant species and a collection of orchids collected in the forests of St. Thomas which became a tourist attraction.

Bombaim Waterfall – A breathtaking place

Roça Bombaim – A heaven inside the forest tropical, crossing point of pedestrian tours crossing the São Tomé Ôbo Park. The Roça is still active, producing coffee, cocoa, pepper, vanilla, banana and “mata bala”. Why the name Bombaim? Because the plantation was once reguled by an indian family that introduced the mangosteen in the island. The Meal is included .

Return: 17:30





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