Sport Fishing

Big Game Fishing

It is a fishing modality practiced in a boat in constant movement at speeds between 4 and 7 knots, and can be performed offshore or Inshore, depending on the species you want to capture. It could be practiced with the action of 4 to 7 fishing rods used simultaneously, being necessary in this latter case a vessel with Outriggers to permit dispersion or lateral spacing of four lines, the remaining lines are placed in reverse. The central fishing rod can still operate as a possible Downrigger for capturing a Tuna that during the feeding periods on surface escapes into depths of 50 or 100 meters. The baits can be alive like Mackerel and little tunas, or artificial samples, that because for their varied colors and motion when towed by boat tend to imitate fish or squid.

Pesca ao Corrico Costeiro

Modality that in São Tomé has the peculiarity of being able to provide to the practitioner an amazing experience, because while Trolling” it is possible to enjoy an amazing landscape with Palms or the Coconuts extending till the waterline, leaving spaces of yellow and golden sand here and there forming beaches, sometimes with contrasting black lava rocks. However, and tourism aside, the surprises could be enormous because we can see from the boat the sea bottom 20 or 30 meters below and among other species, you may be able to observe Great Travellies, “Fumo” Fishes  and the stunning and hugeBarracudas Sphyraena” with their characteristic black spots on the flanks and needle shape teethes with more than 15 mm.

Bottom Fishing

It is certainly the most consensual form of practice, possibly because it is less challenging and it may have more visible results. In Sao Tome the catch may be astonishing either by the size of Groupers, either by the amount of Snappers and even Turbot attending the rocky shores. In this kind of fishing there is a large variety of species, including the conger that according to statistical data is a predominant species in the European and African coasts but only up to Senegal, more or less in parallel 15 or 14, however, have we fished this specie on the parallel 0, on the equator line. Another interesting peculiarity in this bottom fishing has to do with the quantities. Often the catches fill the three fishhooks of the devices.