Health and Security

A first aid kit is a good company for any trip. In addition to your usual medication, we suggest:

– Sunscreen;
– Fast dressings;
– Cotton and ligature;
– Physiological serum;
– Analgesic;
– Anti-pyretic;
– Intestinal and antidiarrheal regulator;
– Anti-influenza;
– Anti-inflammatory;
– Antihistamine;
– Disinfectant;
– Repellent to insects.

The vaccine against yellow fever is not mandatory for European tourists. However for precaution the vaccine can be administered in a hospital or health center that have Traveller Consultation.

Drinking water must be bottled or boiled at least for 15 minutes.

It must also be considered a repellent for insects with the active ingredient N, N-diethyl-M-toluamide (DEET) due to malaria. Despite the efforts the disease is not totally eradicated. Mosquitoes are especially active at dawn and at dusk.

Due to its equatorial climate we recommend the use of light clothing.

Recommended footwear: to circulate in places of residence and beaches use some slippers. For hiking or going on some tours (ex .: adventure tours) is important to use sport shoes or hiking boots and Clothing protecting the body of vegetation and insects.

Sao Tome and Principe is a safe and calm destination. The criminality is very low, just take extra care when leaving your objects alone in desert beaches.