Good Tourist Practices

The official website of General Tourism Direction of São Tomé and Príncipe alerts:

In order to preservate the existing ecosystem in the archipelago all users of this heritage should contribute rationally.

  • Do not let the remains of used products such as bottles, cans etc. on the beaches. Put it all in a trash bag and deposit it in trash container;
  • Do not buy birds especially parrots that are marketed by the locals;
  • Do not buy handmade objects produced from carcasses of turtles.


How to avoid the negative social impact on communities

  •  Instead of handing out candy and toys to children in the community, make collective donations, approaching schools, daycare centers and neighborhood associations;
  • Respect for people includes respect of their image. You should always ask permission before taking pictures or filming. Try to make contact when you promise to someone to send the photos;
  • Respect the traditions of our people.


How to increase the positive economic impact

  • Prefer local products and services;
  • The craftwork of Sao Tome is rich and diverse, meet our craftsmen and artists.