Geography and Climate

The islands of São Tomé and Príncipe are located along the line of equator (pass through the islet Rolas) and about 300 km from the west coast of Africa. All the archipelago is inserted in the tectonic depression of the volcanic line of Cameroon.

The Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe consists of the island of São Tomé, the Principe Island and several adjacent islets, including: Rolas, Cabras and Pedras Tinhosas.

Owing to its volcanic origin Sao Tome and Principe has an equatorial climate. Warm and humid with annual average temperatures reaching between 22 º C and 31 º C. It is a country with multiple micro-climates defined primarily in terms of rainfall, temperature and location. Temperatues vary depending on altitude.

The Islands have two main seasons:
– The rainy season (October to May): warmer and rainy. Sea temperature reaches 28ºC.

– Time of “gravana” (June to September) when the weather is drier, less rainfall, less heat and humidity. The sea temperature falls slightly but remains at around 24ºC.